Proceedings of 36th European PV Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, Marseille, France, September 2019:

  • Mechanical Stability of the Semi-Flexible HJT Solar Panels

S. Yakovlev, K. Emtsev, D. Andronikov, A. Abramov & D. Orekhov.

  • A Comparative Study of the Performance Features of Heterojunction and Diffusion Si Modules in Humid Continental and Subarctic Climates

A. Titov, K. Emtsev, D. Andronikov, A. Abramov & D. Orekhov.

  • DC Sputtering of TCO Layers in Neon Atmosphere and Its Application to Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells

S. Abolmasov, V. Verbitskiy, I. Nyapshaev, A. Abramov, D. Andronikov & E. Terukov.

  • Application of Different Gas Mixtures Types in p-Doped Layers of Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells in the Rear Emitter Configuration

A. Abramov, D. Andronikov, K. Emtsev, G. Ivanov, A.V. Semenov & E.I. Terukov.

  • TCO Layers with High Charge Carrier Mobility as Transparent Conductive Contacts for Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells

P. Ishmuratov, A. Dubrovskiy, I. Nyapshaev, S. Abolmasov, D. Andronikov, A. Abramov, E.I. Terukov, D. Orekhov.

  • Effect of argon-hydrogen gas mixture on properties of TCO layers and performance of silicon heterojunction solar cell

P. Ishmuratov, I. Nyapshaev, V. Yakovlev, S. Abolmasov, D. Andronikov, K. Emtsev, A. Abramov, V. Tarasov, A. Dubrovskiy

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